Deep​/​Down (2014)

by Another Dead Era

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Follow up to 2012's Prelude


released January 4, 2014

recorded, engineered, mixed, produced by Another Dead Era and Burnt Orchid Recording




Another Dead Era Pueblo, Colorado

Another Dead Era is an Alternative Rock outfit from Colorado. ADE blends elements of noise/synth-driven hard rock with ambience and melody.

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Track Name: Just Go
you know i've had enuff, i've had all that i can take, i've been beat down, dragged down and right now I'm ready to break. i know you always give up, i know your just like the rest, you can go take a long walk off a short cliff just don't get shit on your dress, and now its over. I cant face another day, i cant seem to get away, i cant let you go, i cant face another day, i cant seem to get away, now its time you go. i know you cant crack a smile, but you can lie through your teeth, if they only knew what i know they would rip off both your wings, somewhere you lost all your heart, i can predict all your dreams, when the ship goes down i know you'd save everyone but me, and now its over. tear down all the walls, forget what you never had.
Track Name: Coming Down
bring on the dark, falling right apart, the rhythm of anxiety. tear off the string all the empty things are bringing me no sympathy, you hear the pin drop, the trigger clock, the sand is at the other end, the rhythm stops as the stomach rots and then it starts all over again, it starts all over. i'm starting to think that i can never come down. blood on the walls feeling really small, is anybody listening? (cause i could tell you something you won't wanna hear) give me a broken back, heart attack, just make the feeling go away(just take it, take it, take it, take it away).
Track Name: Broken Again
I'm feeling low, i gotta get out of here, the walls are closing in, i cant believe i let you get under my skin, you left me broken, my new disease, my addiction, your all that i need, dig in with your teeth, make me believe in something i just don't need, there is no love here. Broken again, i let you crawl beneath my skin. lost in my head, i feel like i'm drowning again, i'm sinking deeper, i cant pretend that i am happy again, i'm getting weaker, my new disease, my affliction, just take what you need, just leave me something, i'm locked away behind these eyes, lost in the nothing. broken again, i let you crawl beneath my skin, lost in my head again, i'll tear you from within me.
Track Name: Monsters (to be continued...)
I see you swaying there alone, the nights too black to see, you fake under pressure, i see your chasing dreams. I somehow should have known from the beginning, too blind to see, too dumb to care, i'm done. Tall glass entity alone, the hearts too black to see, plastic clouds don't hold water, I see you coming clean. I miss the sadness that kept the monster under the bed, can you please just leave me dead. I somehow should have known from the beginning, too blind to see, too dumb to care, im done(feel it slipping away).